Department Chair Duties

Section: II. INST- 115
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 12/16/11
Last Review: Unknown
Last Revision: 12/16/11
Prior Revisions: Unknown
Initial Adoption: Unknown


The Department Chair coordinates department issues and concerns with the Division Administrator and department faculty and fulfills the following responsibilities.

Not all listed functions/responsibilities are applicable in every Department.  When distributed to Chairs by the Division Administrator, any not applicable will be identified.

Categories of Duties:

Department Faculty/Personnel

  1. Responsible for coordination with the Division Administrator on orienting new faculty to program policies, curriculum and teaching duties
  2. Assists the Division Administrator with the evaluation of full and part time faculty
  3. Recommends professional development activities for faculty
  4. Encourages and mentors full and adjunct faculty in participation in College initiatives and committees
  5. May supervise part time-time employees, work study and tutors
  6. Hold regular meetings with department members, set agenda for meetings and record minutes
  7. In consultation with Division Administrator and faculty,  recommend teaching assignments to the Division Administrator       

Assist with the reassignment of rooms

  1. Provide material for ongoing mentoring of part time and new faculty (i.e. how waitlists work etc.), respond to on-going questions and need for support of adjunct faculty
  2. Assists Division Administrator with the development of position descriptions, the recruitment, screening and selection of adjunct and full-time faculty.  This may include duties such as:
  • Making quarterly recommendations regarding hiring of part-time faculty
  • Making recommendations on multi-quarter appointments for part-time faculty
  • Working with Human Resources to develop advertisements and cultivate an applicant pool


Orient adjunct faculty to lab procedures and safety practices                      

Department Coordination and Leadership

  1. Provide regular communication with faculty
  2. Hear faculty concerns and assist in their resolution.  Refer as appropriate to Division Administrator
  3. In consultation with Division Administrator and faculty, develop and coordinate quarterly and annual course offerings and annual program assessment
  4. Assist the instructional administrator with the monitoring of instructional loads and enrollments and adjusting instructor schedules
  5. Recommend library and educational material for purchase
  6. Make technology requests
  7. Assist in development of publications about the college including catalog, program brochures, annual report, press releases etc.
  8. Represents department to Instructional Council at monthly meetings, assign department faculty member if unable to attend
  9. Coordinates book orders
  10. Assists with wait lists
  11. Establishes a priority list for equipment purchases
  12. Assists with quarterly review of department syllabi
  13. Direct department institutional effectiveness projects
  14. Attend chair meetings held by Division Administrator
  15. Annually update departmental flyers in coordination with Advising


  1. Coordinate the development, revision, implementation and evaluation of curriculum
  2. Coordinate with advisors
  3. Participate in development of articulation activities with K-12 and four-year institutions
  4. Review, revise and update course descriptions and content to maintain currency for:
  • Catalog descriptions
  • Curriculum Committee approval.  Attend Curriculum Committee as needed for course presentations

Student Relations

  1. Respond to information inquiries and refer students to appropriate resources
  2. Listen to student concerns and help facilitate resolution in accordance with college policy

Evaluation Process

The chair evaluation process will be consistent with College policies, instructor evaluation will be per faculty negotiated agreement.


Department Chair Job Description

Department Chairs provide leadership within the department and advocacy on its behalf to the college and the community.  Successful Department Chairs model good instruction, promote and lead curriculum development, represent the department to others and work with Division Administrators on administrative issues such as Institutional Effectiveness, assessment, hiring, budgeting and scheduling.  These functions require knowledge of campus policies and practices as well as current professional expertise.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All Academic Employees


Faculty Negotiated Agreement sections 0.20(b)(3), (4) and (5); 4.30; 6.22(b); 8.50

This policy document is the document referenced in 6.22(b)


Per the Faculty Negotiated Agreement 2.20:

A department chair is a tenured academic employee who is selected by the members of a transfer area or learning support department of the college to perform non-instructional duties and provide leadership for the department.


Department Chairs report to their Division Administrator and are elected by the department in accordance with the terms of the current negotiated agreement (section 8.5).