College Mission and Institutional Effectiveness

Section: I. CADM-117
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 2/14/12
Last Review:
Last Revision: 2/10/12
Prior Revisions: 1/18/04
Initial Adoption: 11/21/02



TCC creates meaningful and relevant learning, inspires greater equity, and celebrates success in our lives and our communities.

Core Themes

Tacoma Community College achieves mission fulfillment by meeting mission fulfillment targets within each of its three core themes:  create learning; achieve equity; engage community.

Institutional Effectiveness Framework

The College’s institutional effectiveness framework includes evidence informed strategic planning and accreditation, curriculum management, instructional assessment, and resource alignment in the service of mission fulfillment.

Strategic planning and accreditation:  future focused strategic planning and reflective accreditation reports provide institutional continuous improvement within an iterative planning model.  These activities guide academic priorities informed by relevant and timely data. 

Core themes:  the College’s core themes are operationalized in all planning activities and are continuously monitored by institutional accountability measures—TCC’s core indicators.

Program planning:  Unit Action Plans and Program Reviews provide program/unit level assessment and planning on an annual basis.

Student learning assessment:  regular course, program, and degree learning outcome assessments provide focused improvement across the College.

Curriculum management:  the College’s curriculum and curricular processes provide an institutional systems perspective to the alignment and articulation of courses, programs, and pathways. 

Resource alignment:  iterative planning and assessment at the program, unit, and institutional levels provide data to inform decision makers on annual resource allocation.  Resources are leveraged to achieve the College’s mission and strategic plan’s core themes.


Tacoma Community College is committed to fulfilling its mission through continuous institutional improvement and achievement of its core themes. Institutional effectiveness and accountability are fundamental to the pursuit of this goal.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All faculty, staff, and students.


Board of Trustees Policy Manual – Chapter II