Children on Campus

Section: IV. ADSV-610
Approved By: Dr. Pamela Transue, 8/2/11
Last Review: 6/30/11
Last Revision: 6/30/11
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Initial Adoption: unknown


Tacoma Community College is a diverse environment of classrooms, offices, laboratories and other common areas.  Tacoma Community College values its students, staffs and visitors. Therefore, we have instituted the following guidelines to ensure the safety of our young visitors.


The purpose of this policy is to assure the appropriate supervision of children on campus.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

This policy applies to all students, employees of the college and college visitors.







Children are welcome in most areas of Tacoma Community College and the Gig Harbor campus. To protect children and to preserve the quality of the learning environment for all students, the college asks that adults observe the following guidelines when bringing children to the college:

  • Children are not allowed in classrooms while classrooms are in session unless permission is granted by the faculty member. If a child becomes disruptive, the faculty member may require the student and child to leave.
  • Children should not be left unattended while the parent or guardian is attending class or conducting any other business or social function on campus.
  • The parent or guardian must assure that children are not disruptive to others.
  • Children are not allowed in the high risk areas defined below in the employee section of this guide.

The following areas contain specific hazards to children (chemicals and equipment), or require a quiet learning atmosphere for students. For these reasons, please do not bring children into:

  • Science laboratories
  • Computer laboratories
  • Laboratories in Building 19 (Office Occupations, Allied Health, and Administration of Justice)
  • Art Studios