Academic Renewal

Section: III.  STSV - 200
Approved By: Dr. Ivan Harrell, 6/18/20
Last Review: 6/9/20
Last Revision: 6/9/20
Prior Revisions: 1/28/04
Initial Adoption: April 1997


Tacoma Community College understands that students may experience difficulty with academic performance due to a variety of circumstances, and their resulting academic record prohibits them from achieving their educational and career goals. In an effort to reduce the impact of past performance on the student’s ability to achieve their goals, the College allows students to petition for Academic Renewal.

In the same spirit, a transfer student is provided the opportunity to choose which of the transcripts from other institutions they have attended will be evaluated, as well as which courses will be applied toward their degree requirements by Tacoma Community College.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All individuals registered for classes at Tacoma Community College.






To be eligible for Academic Renewal, the student must have maintained a 2.00 GPA for each quarter of the previous two quarters or a 3.00 GPA for one quarter of enrollment at TCC or another accredited institution. The renewal date must be at least two years prior to the current quarter.

Academic Renewal may be exercised only once. All course work taken prior to the renewal quarter will be removed from the student’s grade point average and credits. The student may not elect to retain individual courses and set aside other courses. Academic Renewal cannot be used for coursework that has applied towards a degree or certificate posted to the student’s transcript.

Once Academic Renewal is granted, courses and credits may not be reinstated. Coursework with a passing grade included in a reprieved quarter may be used to satisfy a prerequisite. However, the coursework may not be used to fulfill credential requirements. The course number, title, and original grade of all courses to which the renewal process has been applied will remain on the transcript. Courses to which the renewal process has been applied will be counted in the maximum times a student can enroll in a course.

Students receiving funding from sources such as financial aid and veterans educational benefits are subject to federal regulations and guidelines. Students are advised to contact financial aid and/or their funding source to determine how this policy may affect funding.

This policy may or may not be honored by TCC special/selective admissions programs and other educational institutions as each institution interprets transcripts according to its own policies.