Achieving the Dream at TCC


Achieving the Dream is a national organization and network of community colleges that works to further student success. Through a variety of initiatives, Achieving the Dream works with colleges to develop strategies to help, in particular, low-income students and students of color find success in college and after graduation.

TCC has been strongly associated with Achieving the Dream for nearly a decade. This relationship has led to a multitude of sustainable transformations that include our Pathways to Completion framework (now in version 2.0) and our firm dedication to equity. Several key initiatives at TCC that fall under the Achieving the Dream umbrella include:

  • Men of Distinction (MoD)
  • Learning communities
  • Distinction pathways
  • Career Center creation
  • Developmental redesign
  • Civitas implementation
  • FEPPS programming and certificate completion

Achieving the Dream continues to provide TCC with professional coaching, as well as access to shared best practices from across the nation. TCC is firmly grounded in its Achieving the Dream connection and continues to lead student success through Achieving the Dream-inspired initiatives, such as its Guided Pathways initiative, which focuses on student completion.

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 Analea Brauburger, Dean of Organizational Learning & Effectiveness