Dr. Judy Loveless-Morris Is New Interim Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Tacoma Community College

 May 3, 2019

Dr. Judy Loveless-Morris Is New Interim Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Community College is pleased to announce that Dr. Judy Loveless-Morris is the new interim Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Reporting to the TCC President, Dr. Loveless-Morris will begin her new position on July 1, 2019. This is a new leadership position at TCC that will focus on strengthening and building the college’s work related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Loveless-Morris was a tenured sociology professor at TCC. During her time at TCC, she led and supported multiple programs to support student success, including improving the academic experience for incarcerated students, developing cohort-based learning and streamlining programs for students to persist and complete. To continue her work in a different capacity, she left TCC nearly a year ago to serve as the Dean of Academic Instruction and Interim Chief Diversity and Equity Officer at Clover Park Technical College.

“I am thrilled to return to TCC, and serve the community I live in, and the college where my father, my in-laws, my friends and their children, as well as my son have all attended and succeeded,” Dr. Loveless-Morris said. “I am excited to return and work alongside intelligent and innovative colleagues to create solutions and institutional habits that will leave a legacy that will outlive all of us.”

A gifted speaker and teacher, Dr. Loveless-Morris has been highly sought after to speak at numerous national and regional higher education conferences and workshops. Her career began as an instructor at Pacific Lutheran University and University of Washington; she then gained experience in institutional research as a senior research associate at the Center for Workforce Development and as Executive Director of Research and Evaluations at the Center for Military Resilient Families. She moved on to academia, serving as an adjunct faculty member at Clover Park Technical College, and in 2015, joined TCC as a sociology faculty member, where she was granted tenure status.

“Though my job history has varied, my focus has not,” Dr. Loveless-Morris said. “I have applied my theoretical and analytical training to promote and advocate equity and social justice in every job that I have held.”

Dr. Loveless-Morris will build and lead TCC’s equity, diversity and inclusion work. This would include developing high-impact programs for faculty and staff that address the educational and social needs of our campus community; working with academic leaders to implement inclusive student curriculum; and developing and implementing employee professional development to support an increasingly diverse college community.

“Dr. Loveless-Morris is widely respected by our staff, faculty and students,” said Dr. Ivan Harrell, TCC President. “She is someone who knows us well, who understands our culture, and who has a love and passion for making the college environment more inclusive and welcoming. This is an important role that will serve our college’s equity, diversity and inclusion needs. I believe Dr. Loveless-Morris will guide us there.”

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