mock up of TCC Library mural with bridge, woman, and TCC buildings.

Explore the New Library Mural 

 August 16, 2018

Story, Photos & Video  

Update: The new Library Mural is finished! You'll find it in the main room of the Library, building 7. 

See photos from the mural creation process. 

 Watch the mural come to life in this time-lapse video. 


The Library Mural's Story  

TCC Library and Archive are excited to present the final design of the TCC Library Mural Project. This project was spearheaded by Odette Allen, TCC Archivist, and Candice Watkins, TCC Library Director. The two envisioned the project last fall as being a perfect fit for the spacious walls of the library and providing an engaging and welcoming atmosphere for students.

Here are Candice’s thoughts: "I've been wanting to do something with the gigantic walls in the library for a long time - they just call for color and life. A mural is the perfect solution. Both Odette and I knew from the start that we wanted students to drive the project. Once we took the idea to Student Senate, students jumped right in and were involved until the end of the project, from crafting the themes of the mural to participating in the design process.”

The mural will be located on the walls of the main room of the Library, in Building 7. The mural was designed by local artist Colin Cushman, recent TCC graduate Lorraine Descheenie, and the TCC Archivist Odette Allen. This design was generated from themes developed by students, feedback from the Mural Advisory Group, and original designs by Colin, Lorraine, and Odette. The themes generated by the students included:

  • Enthusiasm for the natural environment around us here in the Pacific Northwest
  • Ideas of connections between students, their teachers, and connecting students to their future goals
  • ideas about growth, evolution, and development

The natural elements in the mural such as the water, trees, and volcanic/fire figure speak directly to the environment of the Pacific Northwest. The hands symbolize connecting students with each other and their future goals, as well as symbolizing student’s power and autonomy to direct their lives and influence their communities. The mountain, the volcanic colors, and the waves all speak to the shifting nature of growth and change as a constant part of our lives. Finally, the bridge across the water and the buildings bring the focus back to our campuses here and in Gig Harbor.

The Mural Advisory Group, consisting of TCC staff, faculty, students, community members and local artists, helped to refine the direction of the final design. The group reviewed three separate designs this past spring. Elements which were particularly important to the advisory group were including the large scale humanoid figures and hands, diversity, the inclusion of TCC campus buildings, the bridge to Gig Harbor, and developing a simplified image with vibrant colors and dramatic line work. The goal for the designers was to bring these themes and focus together into a compelling and beautiful image which will serve as a focal point in the library, inviting contemplation, conversation, and engagement.

The mural will be painted and completed between August 20 - September 13. The Library will also hold an official unveiling of the mural on Wednesday, October 10 at 11 a.m. Students will have an opportunity to sign or add a small notation to the bottom of the mural.

Thank you for the support! We look forward to sharing this beautiful mural with our campus community.



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