TCC Welcomes Islamic Center of Tacoma Members after Devastating Oct. 11 Fire

TCC Welcomes Islamic Center of Tacoma Members after Devastating Oct. 11 Fire
Islamic Center of Tacoma Executive Director Abdulhakim Mohamed, Ph.D. (third from left) stands with members ot the TCC Leadership on the TCC campus. 

Starting this weekend, the members of the Islamic Center of Tacoma will worship at Tacoma Community College.

On Oct. 11, the Islamic Center of Tacoma faced a devastating fire that had rendered the building unusable, due to smoke, fire and water damage. The Islamic Center, the only mosque in the immediate area, has more than 3,000 members, and hosts daily prayer services, weekly services and a weekend school for children.

Many community members have opened their doors to offer support, said the Center’s Imam and Executive Director Abdulhakim Mohamed, Ph.D. One community organization was Tacoma Community College. This week, TCC leadership and Mohamed toured the Tacoma campus, and decided TCC would be an ideal place for their members.

“We are grateful of all of our neighbors who stepped forward to help us in a time of need,” Mohamed said. “The most important and immediate support we needed was to find a place for prayer. We are happy to call TCC home as we connect with each other and with God during this time.”

Members will hold services in two buildings on the Tacoma campus. TCC will provide additional security and a safe, large space for our new college members, said TCC President Ivan L. Harrell, II, Ph.D.

“Our mission statement emphasizes that we’re the community’s college, and we take our mission very seriously,” said Harrell. “The Islamic community is part of our community, and we will stand strong with our neighbors. We welcome them with open arms.”

The Islamic Center’s worship services will be located at TCC for the next three months, while repairs continue at their mosque.

“This will bring a normalcy for our members, who have been devastated by our loss,” Mohamed said. “But this also brings us fresh hope and faith as hundreds of people have shown their love and support. We feel our future is bright. Meanwhile, we have a new home at TCC.”

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