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Reach Higher

2023 Annual Luncheon
Friday, March 10 from noon-1pm
Tacoma Community College, Bldg. 20


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Dear Friends, 

Reach Higher's mission is to invest in the success of TCC students. You will have the opportunity to support:
  • Scholarships for TCC students to help them achieve their educational goals
  • The Max and Margi Harned Titan Food Pantry on the TCC campus
  • The Emergency Student Fund which helps TCC students pay unexpected expenses
  • Student housing insecurity, which is an even greater challenge right now

You will receive more information about Reach Higher over the coming weeks. Until then, thank you for your continued support of TCC students and the TCC Foundation.


bill ryberg signatureBill Ryberg
Vice President for College Advancement &
Director, TCC Foundation
Tacoma Community College


A big standing ovation to our sponsors. 

They are truly special partners whose ongoing support helps keep TCC students' dreams real. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

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