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Donor & Recipient Scholarship Luncheon

October 24, 2023
Health & Wellness Center, Bldg. 20

Sharing Stories & Building Connections

The Tacoma Community College (TCC) Foundation Scholarship Luncheon is a day of community, gratitude and celebration of both our students and donors.

As we come together, this is a wonderful time to get to know the recipients and the generous donors who fund the scholarships. We encourage you all to share your stories, and provide each other wisdom, guidance and inspiration. Together, both of you are charting new futures and transforming lives. We hope many of you will leave this afternoon’s event with lasting connections you may not have found otherwise. Ask questions of each other; be curious. Our students have astounding stories of accomplishment and resilience with big dreams. And our donors have amazing, inspiring stories of why they chose to donate to TCC. It can be a simple wish to give back to the community, or a powerful desire to pay it forward, having once been a first-gen student who completed college with the help of a scholarship.

The stories and connections are endless. It’s why the TCC Foundation continues to be committed to serving our students and donors.

We hope you build lasting relationships and memories today. Congratulations, students, on your accomplishments, and thank you for your continued hard work in your studies. We are proud of you, and the future you are creating for yourself.

And thank you, donors, for your generosity. In supporting our students, you invest in the future of our community.

We hope you enjoy our event!

A student in a suit smiles in front of a wall that says "Titan"

students in commencement regalia pose with the backs to camera, revealing a variety of messages on their hats

Ivan L. Harrell, II, Ph.D.
Tacoma Community College

Emily Mendez-Bryant
Executive Director
TCC Foundation

Thank you to our generous donors!

The scholarships established with your support help students achieve their education and life goals.

If you are interested in creating a new scholarship or increasing scholarship funds, please contact:

Emily Mendez-Bryant
Executive Director, TCC Foundation

[This scholarship] is a tremendous source of encouragement, a veritable wind in my sails, propelling me forward in my academic journey.”

TCC Scholarship Recipient, 2023