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2020 is your year. Winter quarter starts January 2.

Winter quarter enrollment is open. We hope to see you around campus!

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Life is hard. We get it.

We understand that life doesn’t always go the way we want. The car breaks down during mid-terms. Childcare becomes unreliable. A loved one becomes ill. Students lose their jobs and can’t pay rent. These are some of the very real challenges our students face, and why they make the heartbreaking decision to not continue college. About 30 percent of our students leave TCC after fall quarter and do not re-enroll for winter quarter. That’s 30 percent too many for us. We want to help our students achieve their goals!

Before making that decision to not re-enroll, please remember we offer resources to help students stay, excel and complete their college studies.

Resources and Support

Explore our services and learn how TCC can help you.

We also offer Tutoring, cohort-based Learning Communities, Access Services and more to support your learning experiences at TCC. Students are never alone here – there are plenty of other students who are on the same journey, and staff and faculty who understand life’s challenges.