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​English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

TCC's EAP Program provides a strong basis in written and spoken English for international students looking to study in the United States. The EAP program offers a wide variety of classes designed not only to improve English language and study skills, but also to prepare students for the U.S. college classroom.

Advantages of TCC's EAP Program

  • A complete program with five levels of instruction, from beginning through advanced
  • Highly qualified teachers with degrees specific to English language learning and who have international backgrounds/experience
  • Linked courses that allow students to count their EAP courses as college credit
  • Skill development, including presentation practice, lecture note-taking, source referencing, research methods, and more!
  • Free tutoring
  • NO TOEFL scores required
    The EAP Program admits students without a TOEFL or IELTS score; students take an EAP placement test during International Student Orientation. 

Students with the following minimum scores place directly into ENGL& 101 and do not need any further testing:
*Please note: TOEFL and IELTS scores have a two year validation period. **Scores effective Fall Quarter 2014



TOEFL (Internet-based)


TOEFL (Computer-based)


TOEFL (Paper-based)


A Complete Program

The EAP Program provides five levels of instruction, from beginning through advanced within the areas of Grammar/Speaking, Reading/Writing, Pronunciation/Conversation and Discussion/American Culture.

Linked Courses give EAP students the opportunity to join traditional college-level classes with American students and earn academic credit toward their degree prior to completing the English program.

  • Level 4: EAP 99 linked with ART&100
  • Level 5: EAP 154 linked with CMST&101

EAP classes at level 100+ award college-level credit. Students can take additional college classes while completing the EAP program including:

  • Communication Studies 101
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education
  • Mathematics

 Finally, students can earn a certificate in as few as three quarters. Certificates include: English Language and American Culture (one-year certification) and EAP Program Completion


EAP Curriculum

  Grammar Reading & Writing Pronunciation & Conversation Discussion & Culture
Intro EAP 85 (15 cr.) EAP 88 (3 cr.)  
Level 1 EAP 95 (14 cr.) EAP 89 (3 cr.)  
Level 2 EAP 95 (5 cr.) EAP 96 (10 cr.) EAP 90 (2 cr.)  
Level 3 EAP 93 (5 cr.) EAP 97 (10 cr. ) EAP 90/91 (optional 2 cr.) EAP 190 (optional 3 cr.)

Level 4

EAP 94 (5 cr.) EAP 98 (8 cr.) EAP 191 (optional 2 cr.)
EAP 99 (10 cr.) Linked with ART& 100 EAP 194 (optional 3 cr.)

Level 5

EAP 155 (5 cr.) EAP 159 (7 cr.) EAP 193 (optional 2 cr.)
EAP 154 (10 cr.) Linked with CMST& 101

Course Descriptions


Contact EAP Faculty

Dr. Darlene Rompogren
EAP Department Chair