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Access Services

photo of Universal Access desk in Bldg. 7Congratulations on your decision to continue your formal education!

No matter where you start, or where you want to go in your educational and professional career, our goal is:

“We HOPE that all students will be successful, but we do not provide accommodations for students with disabilities because we want to foster success.  We provide accommodations for students with disabilities in an attempt to assure that they have equal access.  We provide accommodations for students with disabilities if (and only if) they would not have full access to the opportunity in question without the accommodation.”

As part of that commitment to our students, we also endeavor to provide students with differing abilities the accommodations they need for success.

Every Student Moves Up at TCC

We want you to have a positive, meaningful experience at TCC, and we want you to have every opportunity to reach your goals. The staff of Access Services is here to assist with access and accommodation needs. We can also arrange personal, academic and career counseling services.

How Can We Help You?

Accommodation solutions are unique to the student, their verified disability, and the classes they take. Here are some examples of the ways we can help:

  • Direction to alternative text & study resources
  • Assistance with the process of properly taping lectures
  • Assistance utilizing note-takers or interpreters
  • Alternate testing arrangements when required to accommodate disability- related barriers
  • Tutors, counselors, class and career advising
  • Use of available computer adaptive equipment
  • Referral to outside agencies
  • Accessible facilities and parking permits
    and others... just ask us!

Prospective Students

We invite you to contact the Access Services Staff prior to the beginning of each quarter to arrange for an intake interview. To assure an accommodation in any given quarter, arrangements should be made six weeks prior to the beginning of that quarter. However, we also encourage students experiencing difficulty to come see us anytime during the quarter to discuss possible solutions.

Transitoning from High School? Important information is shared by the (PDF / Word)

How To Get Help

  • Begin the conversation, if you now you have a disability and tried classes without support you can come in at anytime during the quarter. If your not sure of a disability it is always best to discuss what is going on with your classroom struggles.
  • It is best if you need alternative text or Interpreters to call us 6 weeks before the quarter begins to start discussions.
  • Provide Documented Proof of Need for Accommodation:
  • Ask an appropriate medical or mental health professional to give you a documented assessment of your disability and verify in writing that you need special accommodations at TCC.
  • Optional: Print a helpful form and bring it to your doctor to complete and return to TCC.

Appropriate professionals for various disabilities include:

  • Disability Category Professional Diagnostician(s) to be Consulted
  • ADD, ADHD Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician
  • Emotional Disability Psychologist, Psychiatrist
  • Visual Impairment Ophthalmologist
  • Hearing Impairment Certified Otologist, Audiologist
  • Learning Disability Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, School Psychologist
  • Physical Disability Physician, Nurse Practitioner

Know Your Rights

You don't have to disclose information about your disability to faculty, staff, or other students at TCC. That said, we can only offer help if we know you need it! We're here for you, and we're always happy to talk through concerns and solutions. Call and ask for a copy of the Access Services Student Handbook for more information about your rights and responsibilities on campus.


Access Services for Students with Disabilities
Location: Bldg. 7
Phone: 253.460.4437
email Access Services

Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Meet the Staff

Monica Olsson, Manager, Access Services
Bldg. 7

Troy Peterson, Accommodations/Access Technology Specialist/Retention Specialist
Bldg. 7

Working in conjunction with:
TCC Counseling Staff
Counseling/Advising Center, Bldg. 7

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