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This page is designed to answer most of the questions commonly asked by worldwide partners. If you need more information, please contact James Newman, Director of International Programs.

Agent Agreements

How do I initiate a new Agent Agreement with TCC?
You will need to fill out our online New Agency Information Form. The Director of International Programs will then determine whether to offer you an Agent Agreement.

How will I know whether my application has been accepted?
James Newman will contact you via the email address you provided in the New Agency Information Form to tell you whether you have been approved for a new Agent Agreement. Please direct any questions about this process to James.

How often do I need to renew my Agent Agreement with TCC?
Most TCC Agent Agreements have a duration of 2 years from the date they are signed by our vice president. You will not need to renew before 2 years have passed. If your current Agent Agreement has expired when we attempt to send you an advertising support payment, we will send you a new Agent Agreement before we process the payment.

Can I negotiate an exclusive agreement with TCC within my home country?
No. TCC only offers representation agreements that are non-exclusive for both parties involved.

Advertising Support (Commission) Payments

Which students are eligible for advertising support payments?
TCC pays advertising support payments for students in their first, second, or third quarter of full-time classes at TCC, regardless when they start. TCC will determine which students qualify after we receive the college's official enrollment report after the 10th day of each quarter.

How much does TCC pay in advertising support?
TCC pays 15 percent of each student's tuition cost, not including fees, in advertising support. Therefore the payment may vary depending on how many units of credit each student is taking in each quarter.

When can I expect to receive my advertising support payment?
TCC issues advertising support payments no later than 30 days after the 20th day of each quarter. It may take more time for the payment to reach your office if we send you a check through the mail.

What forms of payment does TCC use to issue advertising support payments?
TCC issues advertising support payments by check and by bank transfer. If you would like to receive your payment by bank transfer, we will ask you to provide your banking information. We will ensure the confidentiality of your information. TCC recommends that you choose to receive payments by bank transfer because it is a much more reliable and secure method of payment than a paper check. $25 in handling fees will be deducted from all payments made by bank transfer.

What do I do if I have not received my advertising support payment?
Please inform Alexa Mercado-Curtis if you have not received your payment by the time you expect to have received it. She will advise you how to proceed.

Does TCC offer special incentives for recruiting more students?
For information on special marketing incentives, please contact James Newman.

How many times per year does TCC accept new students?
New students may begin classes during any of TCC's four quarters each year: Fall (late September), Winter (early January), Spring (late March)and Summer (late June). We do not prefer that students arrive for any particular quarter; they are welcome to arrive whenever works best for them.

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