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Must use drop down menus to choose a class and quarter or email for help.

Please remember to include the class number, Instructor, and start time of the section(s) you wish to register for in the “Reasons” section or we will not be able to process your request.

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In order to receive an entry code you must provide the appropriate proof of math and reading prerequisites (unofficial transcripts from another college or high school, placement test scores, etc.) for the course you wish to take. You must attach an electronic version to this form here or bring a copy to the Math Center (building 19 room 22). If you plan to bring a paper copy of your transcripts to the MARC please indicate this in the reason area above.

Math Center personnel will be accessing the following information to help determine eligibility for an entry code.

  1. Student Transcripts
  2. Math and Reading placement test scores

You will receive an email reply to your TCC email as well as the email listed above within 24 working hours (M-F Fall, Winter and Spring; M-Th Summer). If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours please email to check on your request.

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