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Tina Celentano

Educational Planner

Tina Celentano
Email tcelentano@tacomacc.edu
Phone 253.460.4334
Fax 253.460.4334
Office Bldg. 7 Rm: 144
Dept. Running Start


Hometown (City, State) or (City, Country) 
North Bay, Ontario Canada

Gender / Gender-Neutral Pronouns

What day(s) of the week are you available?  
Monday - Friday

Other language(s) spoken besides English

Post-Secondary Degree
Psychology, University of Puget Sound, 2001

Professional Associations  

Ask me about additional support with ...  
LGBQT Students; First-Generation College Students; Undocumented & Immigrant Students; Foster Youth

TCC Employee since

Advisor Headline 
Be the change you want to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

About Me  
Formerly an actor on stage and screen, currently a writer and cat mom    

What do you enjoy most about academic advising?  
Helping a student meet their educational goals and map out future plans.

Favorite Place in Tacoma. Why?  
The Grand Cinema. I worked with them for 7 years on the TCC Diversity Film Festival and love that they serve a vital place in bringing small, unknown filmmakers and foreign film to Tacoma.

What makes TCC Special? (Why TCC?) 
Very student focused

One thing about TCC you should know? 
We have an awesome Art Gallery with exhibits all year long.

Most memorable course or experience in college. What made it memorable for you?
Abnormal Psychology - I am fascinated with human behavior and all of the varied workings of the mind and emotions. It's very similar to acting a role onstage or in a film.

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