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Sophia Trujillo-Walton
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OSE Position: Social Media Mentor

What are you going to school for?  Currently I am working on completing my AOA Transfer Degree. Once I graduate I plan to attend The Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle for my 4 year degree! In the future I would love to be a part of animation productions like Disney Pixar as an animator!

What do you want to achieve as an Office of Student Engagement member this year? Our last OSE team, I met a handful of some amazing people and gained the greatest friendships. This year as I return to OSE I hope to create more amazing connections with all the great people we have here at TCC!

What made you decide to become a TCC student?  I had heard about the 21+ high school diploma program and, coming from a struggling super senior, I saw this as a beacon meant for me! I didn’t want a GED, although high school was a tough place for me I wanted to proof I could get my diploma! So I came here to do so! And I did! 2018 BABY!

What advice do you have for new students starting at TCC this year? As our star president says, “Get involved!”. I couldn’t agree more! My first quarter here was a bit scary, I mean the campus is huge and has a ton of people to fill it and then there’s... you. One day I saw a big poster advertising a TCC spring break trip to Portland, Oregon for a week I believe! It was amazing! We stayed in a hostel, we got to help refugee families, and I made my first large groups of friends on that trip! After that a friend that I had named Taija said I should apple for OSE! And it all went downhill from there! Haha Now it’s like TCC is a home, I know mostly everyone I pass by on campus! So trust that getting involved works magic, even if it’s a little club on Thursdays!

What is one thing you want TCC students to know about you that you feel will help them understand you better? Honestly, it’s not hard to understand me. I’m an open book, I wear my huge heart on my sleeves! Lol I mean if it helps more my nickname is Panda or Panda Poo haha. I’m nice, I’m bubbly, you’ll most likely catch my smiling or laughing - PERIOD! I’m barefoot whenever I can, I’m very easy to talk to OOO AND I LOVE ART!

If you could be any character from a childhood fairytale, book, movie, or TV show; who would you be and why?  If I could be any character from a childhood fairytale, I’d want to be Thumbelina! I grew up watching ‘fairytale this’ and ‘love story that’! I have my mom to blame for that lol. When I was younger I was just mesmerized by this young girl who felt so alone in this big world (literally). She discovers that she’s not only alone but meets a prince, yes cliche I KNOW! (But ooooh *deep sigh* Gawd I loved it!) Throughout the movie you see these two love birds suddenly lose each other and fight through all obstacles to find each other again! Why did I chose this childhood fairytale favorite of mine? I mean who wouldn’t want to fall hopelessly in love with someone, where the only thing that could come between you two are bugs in suits from Brooklyn and dancing frogs from Cuba?

You’re at a make-your-own sundae bar. Which toppings do you choose?  OH dangerous question! I love brown bits, cookies, pie crust, vanilla wafers crumbs, coco puffs, whipped cream, OREOS, bananas, strawberries… did I say Oreos?... Oh well, LOTS OF OREOS!!

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?  That’s hard! Whenever asked this question I’d always say invisibility so I could sneak around and cause mischief haha! Or I’d say telepathy to hear people’s thoughts. Although now, I think I’d want to have the super power of persuasion! You know like Wolverine’s wife? All she had to do was touch the person and speak the persuasion! Could you image the little changes you could make, that may even make a huge impact?!

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