Sierrah Seward

Work Study

Sierrah Seward
OfficeBldg. 7
Dept.Student Engagement


Name: Sierrah Seward

OSE Position: VP of Finance

What are you going to school for? I am an Accounting major. I aim to finish my AA here before transferring to a four-year school or starting my own business.

What do you want to achieve as an Office of Student Engagement member this year? I want to build better pathways for clubs and student organizations to be effective and reach as many students as possible! At the same time I hope to foster a stronger more connected community here at TCC.

What made you decide to become a TCC student? Frankly, I was out of options. A single parent, I had just lost a job. It was time to go back to school and create more opportunity for myself and more importantly my son. I chose TCC because of the business program, and because I wanted to feel more connected to my community. I knew TCC would give that to me.

What advice do you have for new students starting at TCC this year? Join the Student Senate!! Seriously, just get involved in something. Whether it is a club, the senate or volunteering for events - do IT! Don't just connect with people to have fun with - connect with people who can also hold you accountable. NEVER be too ashamed to get help. Help is there because eventually we all need it, take advantage of the resources available to you - and if you think something is off or missing - SAY IT.

What is one thing you want TCC students to know about you that you feel will help them understand you better? I know I wear cat ears and act silly, however I take my work very seriously. I probably come off as a bit eccentric, but I just love to make people smile. I honestly hope no one is ever too nervous to approach me. I know what it feels like and it is the last thing I want. If you say hi - I will at least say it back.

If you could be any character from a childhood fairytale, book, movie, or TV show; who would you be and why? I would probably be either Starfire from Titans or Catwoman. Because at the end of the day I am all about that DC Universe. I mean I love the sun so why not get that fire of the star and well, I wear cat ears all of the time.

You’re at a make-your-own sundae bar. Which toppings do you choose? Crumbled Macadamia nuts, caramel sauce, banana slices and whip cream.

If you could have any super power what would it be and why? It would be breathing underwater, because California is gonna sink and there are places there I need to visit at least once. That and I can't swim... So yeah...

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