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Bernadette Sentigar

Email bsentigar@tacomacc.edu
Phone 253.566.5118
Office Bldg. 11
Dept. Student Engagement


OSE Position: Student Government - Secretary

What are you going to school for?  Microbiology. I hope to transfer to UW Seattle when all my prerequisites are met at TCC, which will be in a couple of years.

What do you want to achieve as an Office of Student Engagement member this year?   I hope to bring more student participation and engagement to events and meetings, in hopes of improving general student awareness of TCC and OSE events and decisions. In essence I would like to work with the other officers in forming a bridge between student leadership and the rest of the student body wherever applicable. Also, as a future transfer student, I hope to streamline the process to creating individualized guided pathways for students.

What made you decide to become a TCC student?  After graduating high school, my friend talked about her interest in attending TCC and she mentioned the transfer program for students pursuing a degree from a four year university. The classes offered fit perfectly with my major of interest, and the campus was not absurdly large or spread across multiple locations. Compared to the other community colleges in the area, TCC seemed to be the most perfect fit.

What advice do you have for new students starting at TCC this year? Don't be upset if your intended major doesn't work out! The best thing is to just be open to changes and new opportunities. Not to sound cliche, but sometimes the things you're passionate about choose you, and not the other way around. 

What is one thing you want TCC students to know about you that you feel will help them understand you better?  I'm a big ole nerd. Could you not tell from my choice of major? (Biology professors - I'm kidding! Love you guys!) Really though, I have a very strong desire to learn and share my knowledge with others, especially in the field of biology and chemistry. But there's of course more to me than that! I enjoy a variety of pastimes, like reading, playing games, DnD, drawing, painting, and a whole lot more. I'm chatty, so if you feel like learning the details just ask!

If you could be any character from a childhood fairytale, book, movie, or TV show; who would you be and why?  I always wanted to be a sailor scout from the anime Sailor Moon when I was a kid, and I'm still fond of the show to this day. The main character Usagi is a big fan of food and naps, has a cat, and is a bit of a dreamer. So aside from fighting evil, my life would pretty much be the same.

You’re at a make-your-own sundae bar. Which toppings do you choose?  Berries, bananas, and chocolate of any kind. And maybe coconut if I'm feeling it.

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?  I've thought about this so darn much. It's always been a toss up between telekinesis and being able to learn anything quickly without ever forgetting. As long as I don't get nosebleeds when I use my powers, I think I'll go with telekinesis.

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