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Safe Start Plan

Information about TCC's Covid-19 plans, health screening protocols and more. 

Students, have you self-attested your vaccination status yet? 

Student Self-Attestation Information

For TCC Guests and Visitors

  • As of March 28, TCC guests and visitors, such as community members and prospective students, contractors, and vendors will no longer need to complete a Health Check Form prior to visiting campus. Employees and students who have self-attested no longer need to complete this form. Contractors still need to check in at Building 14, but it is not Covid related.

Masks: Strongly Recommended-Not Required

Though no longer required, TCC strongly encourages people to continue wearing a mask while indoors. We also encourage wearing tight fitting, high quality masks and respirators such as KN95, N95, or KF94 masks. These masks are made with filtering material that traps up to 95 percent of particles. Or wear surgical masks, which can be picked up in the lobbies of TCC buildings. Surgical masks contain an iodine filter that blocks out particles. Wear two surgical masks for best safety practices. Cloth masks are not recommended. 

Effective March 28, the start of spring quarter, we will strongly encourage masks, but not require them. Please note that those who received approved vaccination exemptions may fall under different guidelines, and those guidelines will be communicated prior to March 28.

The Early Learning Center (ELC) is the exception to the mask policy. The ELC on the TCC Tacoma campus will continue to require masks indoors. Our contract with the Puget Sound Educational Service District requires masks at all its centers and TCC will comply with the program's requirements. Masks apply to all staff, children, and parents/guardians who enter the ELC.

Vaccinations are available

All Washington residents 12 and up are eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccination. All children aged 5-11 are currently eligible for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination. All higher education employees are currently eligible for the Covid-19 booster shot. Vaccines are free and health insurance is not required. Here are several resources about scheduling a vaccine:

TCC hosts clinics as well. Click here to get information re: the latest clinics

TCC Stands with our Asian and Pacific Islander Communities 

Since the pandemic began, our Asian and Pacific Islander community members have faced violence, discrimination, and racial bias. TCC does not tolerate any of this behavior, and we stand with our community. Please read here about our support services or how you can report on-campus harassment or discrimination.  


Any Other Questions?

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