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COVID-19 Student Info

What TCC students need to know about TCC and the Covid-19 pandemic

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority 

As Pierce County attempts to slow the spread of COVID 19, TCC isn’t focusing on how to re-open the campus. Our focus is safely delivering education and services so that you can succeed whether you’re learning on or off campus.

Our teams meet frequently to make key decisions about which services and instructional activities can safely meet on campus and which services should be delivered online. We are guided by:

Our Covid-19 response planning is a nimble process, designed to help us make the best decisions possible with the best data available. We want to move forward, not backwards. We plan for the long-term. So, when we announce that a computer lab will be open fall quarter, we don’t want to close it later in the quarter. Our goal is to not surprise you with major changes in mid-quarter. We’d rather err on caution and keep classes and services online to avoid any confusion. We know that situations beyond our prediction or control may occur. But we’ve planned with an abundance of caution so that you can feel confident that your education will be delivered in a consistent manner throughout the quarter. 

With everything disrupted, from employment to K-12 education, our goal is to make the delivery of your TCC education one less thing you need to worry about.

We will keep this page updated as we progress through 2020. 


Check-in Protocol

 Students: If you are attending a required lab or other session that is on-campus and you received permission from TCC to attend, you must follow the check-in process:

  • Pre-check in
  • Check-in (go to Building14 for a temperature check and follow other protocols)
  • Exit 


CARES Act Fund - Applications are closed

Our team is working carefully with our state database system and the Department of Education to create a CAREs infrastructure for the next five quarters. Please be patient as we design, test, and debug our application and award process. The Department of Education has mandated that priority be considered for students with Exceptional Need. Our leadership, with guidance the Department of Education, have determined that those with housing instability and Pell eligibility have demonstrated Exceptional Need. Our team will award every student on Pell and those in our CHAP program prior to opening the application for the entire campus community. We anticipate that our application will open in late April or early May 2021.

Health and Safety: On-Campus Activities 

Mask Usage

In accordance with Washington State law, mask usage is required for everyone participating in on-campus activities. Masks are available at the Building 14 check-in station.

Check-In Procedure

This procedure applies to students who come to campus for regularly scheduled activities, such as labs or clinicals. It is not required for students who come to campus for one-time activities such as drive-up bookstore pick-up, library visits, or visits to Enrollment Services, eLearning or the Cashier’s Office.  

  1. Before visiting campus for the first time, students must complete the Covid-19 course found in Canvas.
  2. The day before each visit to campus, students must complete the online Pre-Arrival Health Check Form. A link to this form will be emailed to you by your instructor.
  3. On arriving on campus, students must check in at Building 14 (or other location designated by program) for a temperature scan.
  4. After completing the temperature scan, students must complete the online Arrival Health Check Form.
  5. Before departing, students must complete the online Departure Health Check Form.    

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

TCC will provide the masks, gloves, and other PPE required for on-campus activities. If the college’s supply of PPE is insufficient for an event, that event will be cancelled or postponed until sufficient PPE can be procured.

Hand Hygiene  

We encourage students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors to practice good hand hygiene.

  • Hand sanitizer stations can be found at each building entrance.
  • Please take frequent breaks to wash hands for at least 20 seconds, especially after eating or using the restroom.
  • While gloves may be provided for some activities, remember that glove use is not a substitute for hand-washing.

TCC Safety Plan 

Interested in learning more about TCC's Covid-19 response? Explore our Safe Start Plan. 


Community Resources 

Need help with rent or mortgage, food, power bills, childcare, transportation and other expenses? Explore the Community Resources page.

Information for Current Students 

Looking for forms, links, and other resources for current students? Go to Current Students page.