Online Testing

Can't come to TCC for Placement Testing? Here is an option!

You have an option for online Placement Testing

ACCUPLACER™ - Online Testing - In Partnership with The College Board and EXAMITY

TCC understands your busy life and offers this opportunity to test for placement at any time of the day. You will need to follow the directions below and have equipment that is compatible with the computer requirements of EXAMITY.

The total cost of online ACCUPLACER™ testing is $43 ($18 for TCC's fee and $25 for EXAMITY's fee). TCC’s fee will allow you two test attempts, but to test on EXAMITY you will be charged the proctoring fee both times. 

Processing to get a voucher may take up to 5 days, not including weekends and holidays.

  1. Verify that your computer meets EXAMITY's computer requirements.
  2. Apply to TCC to get your ctcLink Student ID#.
  3. Pay the TCC testing fee ($18.00) online.
  4. Fill out online form and submit. You will choose the test you need to take.
    ONG ALL – English and Math placement. (Best for general placement.)
    ONG ENGLISH – Reading test only
    ONG MATH – Math test only
  5. The message you receive after you submit your request will prompt you to send a code, confirming that your $18 fee has been paid.
    After you receive your voucher from TCC Placement office, please follow the directions for EXAMITY's process. Please remember EXAMITY charges a $25 fee per proctoring session.
  6. When test is completed you will see your results. It is important for you to understand what they mean, so within 5 working days you will receive a placement e-mail from TCC ASSESSMENT with results and next steps.