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Mission and Goals

This applies to student cohorts starting prior to Winter 2016 and the LPN Bridge group Summer 2016. For all other cohorts, view the updated Mission Statement, Values, and the Philosophy and Purpose of Nursing here.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nursing Program is to provide quality education which is current and responsive to the needs of the community within a nurturing environment that respects the dignity, the autonomy, and the equality of the student.


  • Caring: We believe that caring is a process characterized by empathy and action and that this theme constitutes the foundation of nursing practice.
  • Human Dignity: We value and respect each person recognizing differences. Our teaching practices and the manner in which we work with students reflect our commitment to promote the dignity of each person.
  • Nurturing Environment: We require an organizational environment that values, empowers, enriches, and supports students.
  • Equality: We acknowledge that all students deserve to be treated equitably and justly.
  • Autonomy: We value the right for each student to function independently balanced with that which is necessary for the good of the group.
  • Ethical Decision Making: We believe the decisions involving ethical considerations require a process among those involved.
  • Advocacy: We believe that all populations require support and deserve to be heard. No one shall be without an advocate.
  • Adaptation: We understand that life is a series of changes and that change is necessary.

Philosophy and Purpose of Nursing

The Nursing Program at Tacoma Community College operates in accordance with the stated objectives of Washington Community College District 22. It supports and implements the mission and goals of Tacoma Community College.

The philosophy of the Nursing Program is based on the college and program missions, stated objectives, and goals, and reflects the beliefs of the total faculty group.

The purpose of the nursing education program at Tacoma Community College is to provide the tools to prepare graduates to be safe generalist practitioners of registered nursing.

Faculty members believe that the primary responsibility of the college is to provide quality educational opportunities, which must be current, accurate, and responsive to community needs. The faculty believes that the responsibility of Tacoma Community College in relation to nursing is:

  • To offer citizens, in the area served by Tacoma Community College, a high-quality and reasonably priced pathway to enter the practice of nursing.
  • To provide an educational program for the preparation of registered nurses in response to community needs.
  • To provide a nurturing environment where respect for the dignity, autonomy, and equality of the student are maintained.
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