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College Fish


For Transfer Students

College matches connect you to best-fit transfer options.

Your search for the best senior college or university to transfer to upon completion of your community college two-year transfer degree is an important and challenging aspect of your future success. CollegeFish.org connects your preferences about size, location, majors, cost, and other details that matter most with colleges & universities most like you. Review the recommended matches, search for specific colleges or universities, and open the door to a world of opportunity!

Access to over $37 million in transfer scholarships.

Transferring to a senior college or university often requires more money – more tuition, more fees, more books. Start your scholarship search early and continue it often to maximize your options for scholarships and exciting opportunities to help you complete your two-year transfer degree and transfer on to achieve your four-year baccalaureate degree at the senior college or university of your choice.

Create your own Transfer Success Plan.

Managing all the various pieces of the transfer puzzle in a simple, organized fashion might sound almost impossible, but by using the CollegeFish.org Transfer Success Plan, you can customize your higher education journey and manage it to stay on track!

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