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Degree Requirements

  • 90 quarter credit hours in courses numbered 100 or above.
  • At least 30 applicable credits must be earned at Tacoma Community College.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all coursework applied to the degree and a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all TCC college level courses.
Course #Course TitleCredits
Written Communication Skills (10 Credits)
ENGL& 101English Composition5
ENGL& 102Composition II: Argument and Persuasion5
ENGL 103Composition III: Writing about Literature5
Quantitative Skills (5 Credits)
MATH& 146Introduction to Statistics5
Distribution Requirements (65 Credits)
Humanities (15 Credits)  
CMST& 220Public Speaking5
Select two additional courses from the approved Humanities distribution course list. At least one course must be from a discipline other than speech. No more than five credits of studio /performance/skills courses. No more than five foreign language credits can be applied.10
Social Science (15 Credits) 
PSYC& 100General Psychology5
PSYC& 200Lifespan Psychology (M)5
SOC& 110Introduction to Sociology (M)5
Natural Science (37 Credits) 
BIOL& 160Fundamentals of Cell Biology5
BIOL& 260General Microbiology5
BIOL& 241 & 242Human Anatomy & Physiology12
CHEM& 121Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry5
CHEM& 131Introduction to Organic Chemistry5
NUTR& 101Human Nutrition5
Additional Requirements (8 Credits)
PE 100Total Fitness2
PE Activity 1
Electives 5
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