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High School 21+

Program Description

High School 21+ (HS21+) is a high school completion program for adults age 21 and over.  Students interested in HS21+ should submit their high school transcripts to the HS21+ adviser for evaluation by dropping them off at the ABE front desk in Building 7. Prior to starting the program, the HS21+ adviser meets with each student to discuss which coursework is needed to complete his/her high school diploma.  HS21+ students take Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses at TCC to earn the credits needed.  Students take Reading & Writing, Math, and, if needed, a Portfolio course to cover required credits.  In order to earn credit in the subject areas, students must pass their classes with a B- (80%) or higher. 

Steps to Enrolling

If you are interested in HS21+, please come to the ABE office to complete a TCC Application for Admission.  You’ll also need to sign up for ABE testing (CASAS) and orientation.  The ABE department needs CASAS scores in order to place you at the appropriate level.  After CASAS testing, you will sign up for an orientation that will allow you to learn more about the program and register for classes.

In addition to testing and orientation, you must bring an official, sealed transcript from your last high school attended to the ABE desk in Building 7.  You should also bring transcripts from any colleges other than TCC where you earned credit.  Our program staff will evaluate your transcripts to see how many credits you have already earned.  Please bring your transcripts at least three (3) weeks before your scheduled orientation so there is time to determine the credits you need.

Earning Credits

The time it takes to earn the diploma depends on several factors, including the number of high school credits you earned previously, your ABE level, and your ability to earn a B- or higher in your courses.  Additionally, not all subjects will be offered each quarter or at the time of day that works best for you.  You may be able to complete classes faster if you are flexible with the time of day that you take classes. You do not need to have previously earned high school credits in order to start the HS21+ Program at TCC. 

If you have any questions about HS21+, contact HS21+ advisor, Katie Heizenrader, at kheizenrader@tacomacc.edu or 253.566.5234.  To reach the ABE front desk, please call 253.566.5144.

Program Cost

  • Tuition is $25 per quarter plus $1 per credit for fees

Note: Some students may be eligible for tuition assistance.

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