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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my GED test?

All GED testing is computer based. All scheduling and inquiries need to be directed to www.ged.com or by calling: 1.877.392.6433

Are testing accommodations available?

If you have a physical or learning disability that requires special testing accommodations:

  • go to www.ged.com to intitate your request for accomodation
  • bring you paperwork and doctor's documentation to TCC building 6

The approval process for special accommodations can take several weeks. Contact the Certification & Testing Center well in advance of the date you want to test.

What identification should I bring when I arrive for my appointment?

Verify your identity with a government issued photo I. D. (such as a WA State driver's license, passport, military ID or official WA state ID).

  • High school or college I.D. cards are not acceptable.
  • All I.D. cards must contain 5 elements: your name, photo, date of birth, current address and signature.
  • If your ID does not show your current address, bring in another document or piece of mail to provide proof of residency
  • You MUST be a resident of Washington State to take the GED

Where can I take the test?

All tests are given in the Certification & Testing Center in Bldg. 6. Please arrive 10 minutes before the test to check in and show your ID.

Can I test without an appointment?

No. You must have an appointment in order to be on the day's roster

What if I started at another GED Testing Center?

Let us know in advance if you have started the testing process at another test center:

  • If you started in at another test center in Washington you will need to pay retake fees of $30 per test at www.ged.com

What happens during a testing session?

At each testing session a Testing staff member will check your WA State ID, have you sign the necessary documentation, check you in at the proctor station, take your photo, and then seat you at the workstation to take your computer based test.

During the test, you may not take any unscheduled breaks. If you leave the testing room during an unscheuled break you will forfeit your test.

How do I get my results?

Your score will be posted within 24 hours on the www.ged.com portal you can access with your login you created at the time of scheduling your tests.

What are passing scores?

The GED sub-tests use a Standard Score that ranges from 100 to 200. The passing score for each sub-test is 150. In order to pass the GED and receive a certificate, your overall average for the 4 sub-tests must be at least 150 or an overall score of 600.

What if I fail one of the tests?

Re-tests cost $10 each. You should study before you test again, perhaps at a GED preparation class offered by TCC’s Adult Basic Education Staff or the new GED online option. There are also practice tests and prep-tutorials at www.ged.com

How can I prepare for the GED tests?

You can attend GED preparation classes to help you get ready to take the GED tests. Contact Transitional Studies for prep classes: 253.566.5144.

Is there a practice test?

Taking the Official GED Practice Test before you take the GED allows you to find out quickly which tests you are ready to take and which subject areas you may need to study before testing.

For more information about GED Practice Test visit www.ged.com

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