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Academic Life at TCC

What will it be like to take a course at TCC?

Once students begin attending the college, they will be considered "regular" college students. They must meet class deadlines, be prepared for classes, ask questions and conduct themselves as responsible adults. If students are having difficulty or need additional information, it is their responsibility to contact the instructor.

The faculty will expect the same level of classroom participation, study habits, homework and respect received from other students. On the first day of class instructors provide a course syllabus with their email address, office location and phone numbers. Faculty office hours are also posted in the faculty buildings. 

According to state law, we do not identify Running Start students to their instructors.

Class Pace
The pace of college classes is much faster than in the high school. For example, a high school math class taught in one year at the high school is taught in 10 weeks at the college.

College classes demand approximately two hours of homework for each hour spent in class.

Class Size
Classes vary in size from 15 to 80 students, with an average of 30 students. 

The faculty may or may not take attendance. It is the student's responsibility to be prepared each day for class and to meet all deadlines. Some faculty give pop quizzes and expect all papers to be turned in on time, with no make-up possibilities. Progress reports are not given.

Class Participation
Class participation is an integral part of college. Most faculty expect students to participate in classroom discussions.

Tutoring Center
TCC offers free tutoring through the Tutoring Center in Bldg. 7, 2nd Floor. Call  253.566.6032.

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