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Earning Your Diploma

Fresh Start will not be easier or faster than regular high school. Students take daily classes in a mature environment with high expectations for attendance, thoughtful participation in class, and courteous behavior to other students and teachers.

First Quarter

During your first quarter in Fresh Start, your schedule will include:

  • FRSH 100: Pathways to College Success: an introductory college readiness course which will assist you in learning how to be more resilient as life difficulties occur. This course will also cover a wide array of information regarding how to be a successful college student.
  • An English class appropriate to your placement on the Accuplacer test, such as English 85 or English 95. This will be a reading and writing intensive course worth one year of high school English credit.

Second Quarter and Beyond

Beginning in your second quarter, you will take classes at TCC that fulfill your remaining diploma requirements. The amount of time it takes to earn a diploma depends upon a number of factors:

  • the number of credits you have already earned toward your diploma.
  • your placement level on the TCC Assessment test. For example, students must advance to the English 101 level in order to take college level classes that will fulfill their diploma requirements.
  • the number of credits you are capable of earning each quarter.
  • your ability to earn a passing grade in each of your classes at TCC.

In addition, if you have not previously completed your Culminating Project requirements, you have to complete them while in the Fresh Start Program.


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