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Bruno Arzola
Hi! My name is Bruno Arzola. I was born and raised in Mexico and my family came to the States when I was about seventeen years-old. I love teaching Spanish and sharing my culture. I served for 8 years in the U.S. Army and served in a couple of mobilizations. I hold a B.A. from Utah State University and an M.A. from New Mexico State University, where I enjoyed Latin American literature, teaching-methodology, and Hispanic literature in the U.S. Presently I enjoy traveling and doing all sorts of things outdoors with my family. I look forward to see you in class!


Ruiming Cash
Majoring in Chinese and English, I believe everybody has the potential to study a new language, so one of my goals in language teaching is to help my students find their potential. I approach my Chinese teaching through making comparisons between Chinese and English grammar and examining the subtle differences and similarities of these two languages in expressing the same idea. My eventual goal is to help the students feel the capacity and flexibility of the language and develop a lifelong ability in exploring Chinese language. My lifelong interests include reading, writing, and hiking.


Amy Carillo
I have been teaching Spanish to students of all ages and backgrounds for 12 years now.  My instruction focuses mostly on interaction and practice, so you may see much more of me than you would expect for an online instructor.  I am extremely passionate about teaching and learning Spanish.  My husband is Mexican, so the language and culture are very near to my heart.  He is in the military, so teaching Spanish online will allow me to continue to do what I love while following the person that I love.  I intend to be very present throughout your learning process and to assist you in any way that I possibly can.

Amy Carillo

Maria Ferrer-Lightner
My name is María J Ferrer-Lightner. I am originally from Barcelona, Spain. I have a B.A (PLU) and a M. A. (UW) in Hispanic Studies. My PhD in Hispanic Literature is from UNED (Spain). I have taught at PLU, and in different colleges in Pierce County. At TCC I teach the 100-level Spanish courses.  My main objectives in teaching Spanish are to prepare students to learn the Spanish language at the required level and to develop an appreciation for its culture as an integral part of their community. In addition, if students are planning to transfer to a four-year university, my goal is for them to be prepared to continue with their Spanish studies.

Maria Ferrer-Lightning

Carlie Johnson
¡Hola! My name is Carlie Johnson and I love being a Spanish instructor at TCC. I grew up right here in the Northwest, but I've traveled near and far in my quest to absorb the Spanish language and culture. I did the majority of my undergrad in Mexico City. For graduate school I traversed the Atlantic with my sights set on Madrid, where I ended up living for six years. Now that I´ve come full circle, I enjoy sharing my experiences with my Spanish students. It´s extremely rewarding to watch students who have had no prior experience in Spanish grow throughout the quarter. Likewise, I love working with students in the higher levels of Spanish who are learning new and exciting concepts while polishing their existing language skills. Learning Spanish has opened so many doors for me and I can for you, too. I hope to see you in class!

Carlie Johnson

Kazuko Howard
I am native Japanese born in Osaka, Japan and have taught English and Japanese at several colleges in the United States and Japan. I enjoy learning new languages, study Japanese history, reading, travelling, ethnic foods, Zumba, and spending time with my husband, son, and daughter.
-Eastern Washington University: MA-College Instruction-Teaching ESL/Foreign Languages
-Midland Lutheran College, Fremont Nebraska: andOregon State University, Corvallis, OR: General studies
-Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kobe, Japan: BA-English linguistics

K Howard

Sonia Llacer
¡Hola! My name is Sonia Llácer. I am from Dénia, a Mediterranean city located in the southeast coast of Spain. I came to the United States as an international exchange student to become an English teacher. While completing my B.A. in English-Humanities I worked as a Spanish teacher and LOVED IT! So…. I completed my Masters in Spanish with a concentration in Golden Age Literature at the University of Montana. I have been teaching at TCC since 2007 and I love my job. Believe me! It is never too late to learn another language. I can help!

Sonia LLacer

Fang Yang
Hello, I am Fang Yang. I am from Manchuria in China. I earned a Master of Education from University of Washington Tacoma in 2012, and a BA from Liaoning University in 1987 and Evergreen State College in 2000. I have been teaching Chinese to U.S Army linguists for 16 years and developing online Chinese lessons (GLOSS, known as Global Language Online Support System) for the Defense Language Institute for 13 years. I have also taught Chinese at TCC since the Fall of 2015. I love teaching and I believe teaching is a passion. I enjoy teaching Chinese at TCC. I am very happy to see that so many students have taken Chinese courses at TCC. The students’ eagerness and determination to learn Chinese has touched me. I certainly will bring my teaching experience to help you in achieving your learning goals and would like to see more students take Chinese. Together, we’ll have a lot of fun learning Chinese, and you will enjoy your learning experience at Tacoma Community College. I welcome you to Chinese class.

Fang Yang


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