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Photo of peopleExplore human interaction and community.

How and why do individuals and large groups relate to each other and their surroundings? The study of sociology explores individual human interactions, the building and maintaining of societies, and global social processes.

Studying sociology at TCC will give you a solid introduction to the concepts, terminology, and current advances in this fascinating field. As you prepare for transfer to a 4-year university, our sociology courses will help you reach your academic and career goals in sociology and the social sciences.

Sociology majors gain valuable skills into human behavior, and enjoy a wide range of career opportunities in corporate, non-profit, and government worlds.

ContactDr. Craig Cowden, Program Chair

Careers in Sociology
Human Resource Manager
Program Manager
Policy Analyst
Urban planner
Counselor & Therapist
Career Counselor

Program Description

TCC offers courses that cover the first 2 years of a typical 4-year college psychology program (college-level courses) as well as courses to develop skills needed for college-level courses.

Degree Options: Associate in Arts & Sciences Degree

Program Planning

Recommended Class Schedule: We suggest the following schedule of classes for students who wish to major in Sociology and earn the Associate Degree in Arts & Sciences (college transfer).

First Year

SOC& 101 (5)
ENGL& 101 (5)
MATH& 146 (5)
ANTH& 205 (5)
ENGL& 102 or ENGL 103 (5)
CMST& 101 (5)
P.E. Activity (1)
PSYC& 100 (5)
HIST& 128 or 148 (5)
Human or Soc* elective (5)
P.E. Activity (1)

Second Year

Sociology elective*
HUM 101 (5)
Lab Science (5)Distribution
P.E. Activity (1)
Sociology elective (5)
Humanities Dist. (5)
CMST& 200 (5)
ANTH& 206 (5)
ECON& 202 (5)
Natural Science Distribution (5)
  • *Consult with a TCC sociology advisor
  • Sociology elective should be chosen in consultation with a sociology advisor. These courses should be taken the second year and are at the 200 course level: SOC 201, 205, 240, 262 or 271.
  • Some courses have prerequisites.
  • The natural science distribution courses, including the lab science course, must be chosen from the natural science section of the Approved Distribution Course List.
  • Sociology majors may use sociology courses toward social science distribution requirements only at University of Washington, Western Washington University, SPU, and PLU.

Approved Distribution Course List
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