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Image of male student studying at desk with computer and calculator.What is Statway? A program designed to help students complete their college math requirement in just 2 quarters – or even 1 – while learning a type of math more relevant to most careers.

Statway is a 2-quarter math class that is fully equivalent to TCC’s college level statistics class (MATH& 146). But you don’t need to take Math 90 or 95 before enrolling for Statway – so talk to your advisor before you register for Math 90.  Depending on quarterly offerings, Statway may also be available as a linked 10-credit course – enabling students to complete their entire math requirement in just one quarter.

Algebra is the traditional college-level math requirement. For some fields, like engineering or even a business transfer degree, you need algebra. But for many fields, you only need enough algebra to use today’s technology – so says Keith Devlin, NPR’s “Math Guy.”

What’s so great about statistics? It’s a tool you can use to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, and to avoid drowning in a sea of numbers. In today’s data-intensive world, statistics is becoming the “math of choice” for an increasingly large percentage of college students.

When we surveyed TCC staff, we found that almost 40 percent reported that they had struggled with algebra. Of those who reported that they had struggled, almost 90 percent reported that they felt they were successful in their careers despite never really “getting” algebra. Here’s what they reported when we asked them about what kind of math they use on the job.  

Find out if Statway fits your educational and career plans -- contact your guidance counselor or advisor today!

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