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Whether you choose to major in history at a 4-year institution or pursue another area of study in the liberal arts, the study of history gives you a window into the arts, politics, significant events, and social customs of the past. History can help you understand where we came from, how we got to where we are now, and even where we might be going next.

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Program Description
Social Science Offerings for Summer 2016

Social Science Offerings for Fall 2016

TCC offers courses that cover the first 2 years of a typical 4-year history program, as well as courses to develop skills needed for college-level courses.

Degree Options: Associate in Arts and Sciences degree

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Program Planning

Recommended Planning Schedule:

The history department suggests the following schedule of courses for students who want both to earn TCC's Associate in Arts and Sciences (college transfer) degree and to begin a history major that can be completed at a four-year college or university.  Substitutions may be made for any of these courses, provided that the degree plan is followed for the Arts & Sciences Option A degree.  (Students who wish to transfer should check the specific requirements of the four-year institution of their choice, as many colleges and universities require courses in non-western history.)

First Year

Fall Winter Spring 
HIST&126 or
5HIST&127 or
5HIST&128 or
ENGL&1015ENGL 102 or 1035Humanities Distribution5
Multicultural5MATH 1075NAT.SCI Distribution5

Second Year

Fall Winter Spring 
HIST (b or c)*5HIST (b or C)*5NAT.SCI Distribution5
POLS& 2035SOC& 1015College-level Elective5
Humanites Dist.5NAT.SCI Distribution5Humanities Distribution5
P.E. Activity1P.E. Activity1P.E. Activity1

Bold type indicates required courses.

* (a) Offered each Fall, Winter, and Spring in three-quarter sequence are:

  • 126,127,128, World Civilization I, II and III
  • 146,147,148, US History I, II and III

*(b) Upper Level History courses offered regularly (approximately once a year):

  • HIST 210 - History of Modern Europenative american  couple
  • HIST 211 - Chinese History
  • HIST& 214 - Pacific NW History
  • HIST& 219 – Native American History
  • HIST 231 - American History, American Film

* see course catalog for class details

*(c)Other Upper Level History courses offered less frequently:

  • HIST&220 – African American History
  • HIST 230 – Japanese History
  • HIST 240 - Religion in America and the Modern World
  • HIST 244 – A Decade: The 60's
  • HIST 249 - America and the Rise to Globalism

* see course catalog for class details

Consult with a history advisor for additional help.
Dr. Brian Duchin or Dr. Bernard Comeau

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