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Honors Difference

TCC Honors Distinction Pathway: Go deeper, go further


What is the Honors Difference?

  • Honors and regular course sections share many of the same characteristics. For example, many regular sections will have interdisciplinary or global components, and many will use research at the introductory level. Honors sections with have all of these.
  • Honors sections are smaller than regular sections to allow greater student independence and contact with the instructor and interaction among the students.
  • Honors sections differ in the scope of the work, not necessarily its volume.
  • Each Honors section includes inquiry, a global focus, and interdisciplinary elements.
  • Honors sections are most concerned with depth, though they may proceed at an accelerated pace through basic knowledge and skill content.
  • Honors sections expect students to ask and answer more of their own questions about the material, with the expectation that students will pursue those answers with greater independence.
  • Honors sections may have higher written assessment standards than in regular sections.
  • Students in the Honors Distinction Pathway will be provided mentoring in addition to their regular advising. All Honors Distinction Pathway students keep their assigned degree/program advisors.
  • Students in Honors will form connections with people outside of their majors, collaborating on shared problems yet approaching them from different perspectives.
  • Students in the Honors Distinction Pathway have access to scholarships through our National Collegiate Honors Council network, as well as assistance with scholarship applications.
  • Students in Honors join a community of scholars.
  • Students in the Honors Distinction Pathway choose an academic course of study that deliberately prepares them for competitive programs and institutions.
  • All Honors course sections meet the same course goals and outcomes as are associated with the non-honors courses; they just do it from a different approach.
  • There is no special fee associated with the Honors Distinction Pathway or Honors courses.


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Contact Information


Honors Distinction Pathway

Coordinator: Kristina Young

Honors@tacomacc.edu; 253.566.5330

Tacoma Community College - Tacoma Campus: Building F1, Room 20
6501 South 19th Street, Tacoma, Washington 98466-6100


Division for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean: Dr. Yvonne Unnold

Administrative Specialist: Melanie Johnson

Tacoma Community College - Tacoma Campus: Building F2
6501 South 19th Street, Tacoma, Washington 98466-6100

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