Curriculum and Costs for Nursing AAS-T Program

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associated in Applied Sciences in Nursing Degree, students will:

  1. Provide patient-centered care for diverse groups in the community across the lifespan in a manner that is holistic, caring, and demonstrates advocacy.
  2. Demonstrate professionalism in the following ways:
    1. Demonstrate skill in organization, prioritization, collaboration, delegation, and supervision
    2. Function ethically and legally within the standards and competencies of local, state, and national regulatory agencies and professional organizations
    3. Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning
    4. Demonstrate humility by participation in evaluation, self care, and self reflection
    5. Utilize quality improvement processes including responsible use of resources.
  3. Demonstrate competency in core nursing principles by being able to:
    1. Be prepared to pass NCLEX and be employable as an entry level generalist RN
    2. Apply strong critical thinking and clinical judgment skills, using evidence-based practice to make clinical decisions
    3. Efficiently use nursing process for care delivery
    4. Demonstrate basic competency in nursing skills
    5. Apply safety principles and national safety standards
    6. Effectively use healthcare related information and technology.
  4. Communicate effectively with individuals and groups in a respectful, professional manner, using both verbal and written formats.


Nursing Curriculum 

Courses required to complete the Nursing AAS-T Degree. Make sure you complete all prerequisites before applying. 

Career Options

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Nursing program is taught over six consecutive quarters, excluding summers. 

LEVEL I NURS 101 Health & Illness Concept I 4 Lecture
NURS 115 Skills and Assessment Lab I 3 Lab
NURS 153 Pharmacology I 1 Lecture
NURS 181 Professional Concepts I 1 Lecture
NURS 191 Clinical I 3 Lab
LEVEL II NURS 102 Health and Illness Concepts II 4 Lecture
NURS 116 Skills and Assessment Lab II 3 Lab
NURS 154 Pharmacology II 1 Lecture
NURS 182 Professional Concepts II 1 Lecture
NURS 192 Clinical II 3 Lab
LEVEL III NURS 103 Health & Illness Concepts III 5 Lecture
NURS 124 Clinical Simulation III 2 Lab
NURS 155 Pharmacology III 1 Lecture
NURS 183 Professional Concepts III 1 Lecture
NURS 193 Clinical III 3 Lab
LEVEL IV NURS 201 Health and Illness Concepts IV 5 Lecture
NURS 226 Clinical Simulation IV 2 Lab
NURS 256 Pharmacology IV 1 Lecture
NURS 284 Professional Concepts IV 1 Lecture
NURS 294 Clinical IV 3 Lab
LEVEL V NURS 202 Health and Illness Concepts V 5 Lecture
NURS 227 Clinical Simulation V 2 Lab
NURS 257 Pharmacology V 1 Lecture
NURS 285 Professional Concepts V 1 Lecture
NURS 295 Clinical V 3 Lab
LEVEL VI NURS 296 Transition to Practice: Clinical 8 Clinical
NURS 228 Clinical Simulation VI 1 Lab
NURS 234 Transition to Practice: Seminar 1 Lecture
NURS 244 Preparation for the NCLEX 1 Lecture
NURS 286 Professional Concepts VI 1 Lecture

Program Costs

Full-time program
12 credits:
Resident: $1,155.86 per quarter
Non-Resident: $2,940.26 per quarter
Resident Tuition:
6 quarters (72 credits) = $6,935.16

Tuition costs are effective as of Winter 2018 and subject to change. Check with Enrollment Services for pricing for more or less than a full academic load (12 credits) and most current tuition costs.

Additional course fees, approximate:
Level 1 - $313

Level 2 - $432

Level 3 - $432

Level 4 - $298

Level 5 - $298

Level 6 - $281

Approximate Miscellaneous Costs

Background check and health record tracking $85
Course miscellaneous fees $250
Books $1,330
TCC patch $3.80
Name tag $5
CPR card $20-$60
HIV-AIDS Workshop $55
Immunizations $350
Watch with second hand Variable
Uniform Variable
e-Reader $200-800
Shoes Variable
Stethoscope Variable
Health Insurance Variable

Graduation and Registered Nurse Licensing Fees

WA State Licensing fee $88
NCLEX Exam $200
Graduation regalia (optional) $37
Nursing pin (optional) $70-$200