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What to do after being accepted into the TCC Nursing Program.


Applying after Oct. 1, 2018?

The information on this page is for students who plan to apply to the nursing program June 1 - July 1, 2018, and to the LPN-RN Bridge Program, July 1 - Oct. 1, 2018. Planning to apply after these dates? 


New Student Nursing Orientation

If you are selected and accept a position in nursing program, you will be required to attend the mandatory orientation. Specific information regarding this orientation will be sent by TCC student email after your acceptance into the program. The protection of vulnerable populations is paramount in nursing. Students should be aware they will need to meet all minimum requirements of clinical agencies including health clearance procedures. Requirements will be sent by email and explained at the new student nursing orientation. The following is a summary of what will also be necessary.

  • Transportation & Child Care
    It is the student's responsibility to arrange for dependable transportation to and from the school and clinical sites and have reliable child/dependent care available as needed.
  • Background Check
    Certain conviction history will exclude persons from health care employment. If you have any prior convictions, even if you believe they may be sealed, please contact the Program Secretary.
  • Several online health and safety courses at Clinical Placements Northwest
  • CPR card
    Only the American Heart Association "Healthcare Provider" or "Basic Life Support (BLS) for Professional Rescuer" will be accepted. Online courses are not acceptable. Your name must appear on this card.
  • Health Insurance
    Proof of coverage with coverage period. If the name on the card does not match yours (the student) proof of coverage, such as a letter, from the provider is required.
  • Vehicle Insurance
    You must have vehicle insurance to park at your clinical site.
  • HIV/AIDS training
    Certificate of completion showing at least seven hours of training.
  • Urine Screening
    Various healthcare facilities will require urine screening prior to student's clinical assignments. These results are strictly confidential between student and facility. The screening is not required by TCC.

Proof of Immunizations

  • Hepatitis B Series
    Proof of immunity by vaccination (3 doses) and a positive titer. A titer without the vaccinations is also acceptable. If titer is negative you should talk to your doctor about getting a booster or repeating the series (30-60 days after completion you will repeat the titer). If negative a second time, you are considered a non-responder. Student will be allowed in clinical during repeat series if they are willing to sign a declination waiver.
  • Influenza
    Proof of immunity by vaccination. This vaccination must be current (based upon current flu season requirements which are from September to April.) If there is a medical or religious reason for not receiving this vaccination you will need to provide an Influenza waiver. You will need to follow additional clinical requirements (i.e. masking, etc.) if you are not vaccinated.
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
    Proof of immunity by vaccination (2 doses) or titer.
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
    We require the 2-step PPD or Quantiferon testing. If you choose PPD you obtain the first PPD test and if it is negative then you will obtain a second PPD within 1-3 weeks. Yearly annuals are required after your 2-step PPD. (If you have a history of positive TB results, you must provide proof of positive ppd, chest x-ray and submit negative symptom check every 12 months). Quantiferon testing is acceptable as an alternative to PPD testing.
  • Tetanus/Pertussis
    This must be the (Tdap) vaccination. Td and DTap are not acceptable.
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    Proof of immunity by vaccination (two doses) or titer.


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