Naturopathic Medicine

Associate of Arts in Biology (DTA)

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) relieve their patients' suffering by relying on and supporting the patient's own ability to heal naturally. Focused on patient education, NDs help patients strengthen their bodies' abilities through a sensible combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and cutting edge natural therapies.

Most naturopathic schools, including Bastyr University, expect students to obtain a Bachelor’s degree prior to acceptance into their program. Students planning to apply to a graduate program in Naturopathic Medicine can complete many of the prerequisite courses required for admission at TCC.  Students who complete the AA-Biology or the AS-Biology would have many of their prerequisites met. They should meet with an advisor to tailor their electives for those degrees, and to discuss transferring options for a bachelor’s degree.


Degree Program

Students should meet with an advisor during their first quarter at Tacoma Community College.
Many courses have prerequisites, are offered only once or twice a year and are sequential.
Careful selection of classes each quarter is necessary to complete the program in a timely manner.

Please note: Bastyr University has some specific requirements that your advisors can help you with if you are planning to transfer to Bastyr.

Career Options
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While in high school, students should pursue all available courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. Students should gain exposure to the naturopathic medicine profession by observing, assisting and gaining work experience in offices, clinics, hospitals and research facilities, and by exploring the medical literature.


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