Health Information Management (HIM) Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)


Please note, there is no expiration date for previous degree or coursework requirements. However, the health care industry is constantly changing. If your coursework took place over five years ago and you do not have industry experience, you may wish to either retake an Associate degree level course or do self-study to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge base to successfully move forward with your studies.

  • Associate Degree, or equivalent credits, in a health-related field. Preferred coursework to include the following topics: Healthcare Statistics, Data Analytics, Data Quality and Performance Improvement, and Revenue Cycle. Students who have not completed coursework in those areas may take individual study concurrently to meet these requirements (arrangements made through HIM Advisor).

Prerequisite General Education Requirements

Students must have a total of 90 credits, which includes the following course requirements:

  • 5 credits in college level English Composition
  • 5 credits in Human Anatomy and Physiology

Other Requirements