Image of a male ems student opening an airway

Paramedic Program Prerequisites

Things to do before applying to the TCC Paramedic program. 

Program Prerequisites

Before applying to the Paramedic program, you must:

  • Complete the prerequisite courses listed below.
  • Present proof of state and/or national EMT certification. You may obtain the 12-credit EMT Certificate at TCC.
  • Have documentation of a minimum of 1 year of active EMT experience. Volunteer experience is acceptable.


ENGL 095 or higher, or assessment at ENGL& 101 English Composition I
MATH 85 or higher, or assessment at MATH 90 Elementary Algebra
BIOL& 175 w/lab or BIOL& 170 non-lab** Human Biology
HIT 130** Medical Terminology

Associate of Applied Science Degree 

Planning to complete the 42 extra credits needed to get an AAS degree along with your Paramedic certificate? You can start or complete those before applying to the Paramedic program. 

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