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Emergency Medical and Health Services Degree

Your Paramedic Certificate can be the start of an Associate of Applied Science degree! 

Paramedic Certificate + 42 Credits = AAS Degree

Not starting the Paramedic program until fall quarter? You can complete all but one course of the 42 additional credits needed to earn your EMHS Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree before starting the Paramedic program. You may also choose to complete the additional 42 credits after completing the certificate program. 

With TCC's EMHS AAS degree, you'll have the option to work as a Paramedic. You'll also have the option to go further along this career pathway. The EMHS AAS degree prepares you to transfer into Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) programs, such as TCC's Community Health BAS program. 

Interested in earning an EMHS AAS degree as well as a Paramedic certificate? See the program curriculum


The EMHS AAS degree is part of TCC's EMS program.