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Certifications & Free Training

Tacoma Community College now has free access available to the online Microsoft training platform for all TCC students and Pierce County residents. You can learn new skills that can help you enter a new type of employment, change your career, and improve your life.

COMPTIA Certifications

Your can purchase the COMPTIA exams for 50% off the rack price through the NCS Program.

  • Complete and print this form Current pricing for exams (PDF)
  • Take the form to the TCC Cashier to pay for your exams.
  • Follow instructions on the form where to take the form and your receipt.
  • The voucher codes will be emailed to your TCC email account.

NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific Training Program

These trainings are offered across the state and generally at no cost. They are great opportunities to share with your staff and students so they can access additional training/education that will complement degree program studies and future employment.

Microsoft IT Academy Training Access

  1. Go to https://itacademy.microsoft.com/
  2. Enroll using your TCC email account (name@student@tacomacc.edu or name@tacomacc.edu) or a Microsoft email account (i.e. MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Live, etc.).
  3. Enter all the required information during the enrollment process.
  4. Enter the enrollment code for the desired training, see the list below.
  5. Upon completion of the courses you will receive printable certificates from the website that you can print.

Available MS IT Academy Training Codes

  • Digital Literacy - Enrollment code: 4RXX39PG26XSDA
  • Word Basic 2013 - Enrollment code: 2JBQX37AUGSAFE
  • Word Advanced 2013 - Enrollment code: DDUW54SVW6WAQF
  • Excel Basic 2013 - Enrollment code: 4TNHGDG3LFBB4K
  • Excel Advanced 2013 - Enrollment code: DS4KDKRRU3FHQW
  • Outlook 2013 - Enrollment code: 8PCEQV2WBLRSSM
  • Access 2013 - Enrollment code: JTRLPK2GWDD7V2
  • PowerPoint 2013 - Enrollment code: T87PT6J2Y3FP5M
  • Project 2013 – Enrollment code: EXPTYYVYJW8U67
  • Visio 2013 - Enrollment code: KAB9CTJESTEAF2