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Associate of Science - Specialization in Biology
Associate of Arts (Option B)

Botany is the study of plants. Plants are essential to our human lives, providing all our food—either directly or indirectly—as well as the oxygen we breathe. They are grown and bred for their beauty, their nutrition, their medicinal properties or a variety of industrial uses.

TCC offers courses that cover the first two years of a typical four-year college botany program (college-level courses) as well as courses to develop skills needed for college-level courses.

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Kristen Harrison, Faculty Advisor in Botany

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Program Planning

Degree Requirements
Transfer Outcomes

While in high school, students should pursue all the available courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics.

We suggest the following schedule of classes for students who wish to major in botany and earn the Associate of Science degree with a Biology Specialization. For some colleges and universities, the Option B Associate of Arts and Sciences degree may be more suitable.

  • Some students may need to take additional prerequisite courses.
  • The humanities and social science courses must be chosen from the humanities and social science courses on the Approved Distribution Course List.
  • At least one course must be chosen from the list of approved multicultural courses on the Approved Distribution Course List.
  • Botany 101, Physics 114 and 115, or Physics 221 and 222 are strongly recommended as elective courses.
  • No more than three Physical Education Activity credits may apply to this degree.
  • No more than five credits may be from courses that are not listed under the Communication, Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, or General Distribution Courses sections of the Approved Distribution Course List.
  • Courses should be planned with an advisor based on the requirements of the specific discipline and the transfer institution.
First Year
Fall Winter Spring

CHEM& 161

MATH& 151

ENGL& 101

CHEM& 162

MATH& 152


CHEM& 163

MATH& 153 or
MATH& 146

BIOL& 221

Second Year
Fall Winter Spring

BIOL& 222

CHEM& 261


BIOL& 223

CHEM& 262


Social Science

CHEM& 263

Humanities or
Social Science