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Explore Visual Art and Art History and apply credits toward an Associate of Art degree or Art Specialization degree.

Art Program

The Art Program at TCC provides students with a strong foundation in both Visual Art and Art History to help them attain their higher education and career goals. We offer the Associate of Art and AA Art Specialization degrees. Both provide direct transfer with Junior status to a four year university or college in Washington state. Once students have transferred, they can complete a Bachelors of Art or Bachelors of Fine Art to help further define their career in art.


TCC’s Art Department offers classes in traditional media, digital arts, and art history. Our faculty are professional artists, art historians, and educators. We strive for an environment that encourages students to develop new skills; explore their creativity; and exchange ideas. To achieve this, we provide relevant and professional equipment in dedicated instructional spaces. We are committed to help students learn, create, and think critically about the world around them, through project-based curriculum.

Art Pathways 

Take an art class for a Humanities distribution elective or obtain an Associate of Art degree with a Visual Art Specialization.

Associate of Art Degree
Art Specialization
Art Careers
Transfer Programs


The Associate of Art can be completed with five Art classes for a total of 35 credits of the 90 credits needed to obtain the degree.

Basic Requirements (15 credits)
Fulfill the Associate of Art (DTA) Communication Skills requirement.
Fulfill the Associate of Art (DTA) Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Skills requirement.



Distribution Requirements (60 credits)

The following Art classes are highlighted suggestions in the Distribution areas of the degree.

ART& 100 (Multicultural) Choose one other beginning-level Art performance skills class.
Fulfill the Associate of Art (DTA) Social Sciences Distribution requirement.
Fulfill the Associate of Art (DTA) Natural Sciences Distribution requirement.
Fulfill the Associate of Art (DTA) Physical Education Distribution requirement.
Choose two Art performance skills classes or Art History classes.
College-Level Electives (15 credits) 
Choose three Art performance skills classes or Art History classes.


Interested in completing a four-year degree in visual art? Complete the Associate of Art with a Visual Arts Specialization at TCC. You'll be on track to transfer and complete your Bachelor of Fine Art at a four-year college.

This specialization prepares transfer students with the foundation art classes required at most four-year institutions and a strong art portfolio to apply for the art major at that institution.

The Art Specialization requires 32 credit hours including the following

Required Foundation Courses (20 credits)
Number Title Credits
ART& 100 Art Appreciation (Multicultural/Humanities Distribution) 5
ART 102 Two-Dimensional Design (Humanities Distribution) 5
ART 103 Three-Dimensional Design (Distribution Elective) 5
ART 105 Beginning Drawing (Distribution Elective) 5
Media Courses Select three classes from the following (15 College-Level Electives)
Number Title Credits
ART 106 Advanced Drawing 5
ART 161 Life Studies: Figure Drawing 5
ART 110 Beginning Graphic Design 5
ART 111 Intermediate Graphic Design 5
ART 131 Beginning Ceramics 5
ART 132 Intermediate Ceramics I 5
ART 146 Beginning Photography 5
ART 246 Intermediate Photography 5
ART 147 Introduction to Digital Photography 5
ART 247 Intermediate Digital Photography 5
ART 150 Beginning Printmaking 5
ART 151 Advanced Printmaking 5
ART 156 Beginning Painting 5
ART 157 Intermediate Painting 5
ART 172 Beginning Sculpture 5
ART 173 Intermediate Sculpture I 5
Required Folio Preparation (2 credits)
Number Title Credits
ART 297 Folio Preparation 2

Suggested two year course program. PE can be taken during any quarter. 3 credits required.

First Year
Fall Winter Spring

ART& 100

ART 102

English Communication Skills requirement

PE (1)

ART 103


Social Science

PE (1)


ART 105

Natural Science

Second Year
Fall Winter Spring

PE (1)

ART-Media Elective

English Communication Skills requirement

Social Science

ART-Media Elective

Social Science

Natural Science

ART-Media Elective

ART 297 Folio Preparation (2)

Social Science

Natural Science



3D Production Design

Industrial Designer / Bridge Designer

Furniture Maker / Designer

Toy Designer

Model Maker / Mock-up Artist

Stained Glass Window Designer

Prop Designer

Ceramic Designer (objects, tile,)



Glass Artist

Art Organizations / City, State, and National level (NEA)

Arts Administrator

Art Therapy


Auction House

Auction House Specialist

Auction House Cataloguer


Digital Design / Multi-Media / Film

App Designer

Computer Animator

Concept Artist


Digital Illustrator

Digital 3D Modeler

Film Director

Film Editor

Game Designer

Production Artist –illustration for film

Set Designer

Sound Designer

Television / Film Producer

User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) Designer

Visual Effects Designer / Editor

Web Designer


Visual Art

Art History

Art Therapy

Fashion and Apparel

Fiber Artist

Accessory Designer



Fashion Designer

Fashion Merchandising

Pattern Maker

Costume Designer

Make Up Artist

Fabric / Textile Designer

T-shirt Designer

Fine Art | Crafts


Sculpture Foundry Owner

Ceramics Studio /Facilities Owner



Printmaking Studio /Facilities Owner




Gallery Owner / Art Dealer

Graphic Design

Advertising Director

Architectural Illustrator

Book Illustration

Comic Book Art

Editorial Illustration

Medical Illustration

Logo / Branding Designer

Advertising Designer

Paper Engineer (pop-up books)

Publishing –Art Editor, Art Director, Layout Design

Production Artist

Book Designer

Package Designer

Museum Work



Curatorial Designer


Education Dept.




Fashion Photographer

Photography Director

Photo Journalism

Commercial Photographer

Food Photographer

Spatial Design


Landscape Architect

Urban Designer

Playground / Theme Park Designer

Interior Designer

Set / Stage Designer

Specialized Designer (golf courses, swimming pools, water features)

Writing / Analytical

Art Curriculum Writer

Art Historian

Art Critic

Arts Administrator

Arts and Cultural Planner



At TCC we are committed to helping you reach your educational and career goals. In art this typically requires a bachelor degree or higher. Here are some local options available:


Art Faculty Advisor Team

TCC's Art Faculty look forward to supporting you on your educational and professional pathway. Faculty are available throughout the academic year and can provide general and detailed advising and career counseling to help you achieve your educational goals. We recommend that you reach out to us if a career in Art interests you.

We will help you establish an educational pathway that meets your goals from start to finish and will be available to support you throughout your studies at TCC. Make your first appointment today!

Marit BergMarit Berg

Painting, Printmaking, Art Appreciation

Kyle DillehayKyle Dillehay

2-D Design, Photography, Sculpture

Rick MahaffeyRick Mahaffey

Ceramics, Art Appreciation 


 Art Faculty


Melinda Cox

Melinda Cox

Drawing, Painting, 2-D Design

Anthony Culanag

Anthony Culanag

Graphic Design, Digital Photography

Alice Di Certo

Alice DiCerto

2-D Design, Art Appreciation 

Karen Doten

Karen Doten

Drawing, Art Appreciation

Dr. Jennifer Olson

Dr. Jennifer Olson

Art Appreciation, History of Western Art