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Associate of Arts (Transfer)

By studying architecture, you'll learn the art of improving the human living environment. You'll be exposed to many fields of human endeavor including art, history, material science, physics, and engineering. TCC can help you prepare for admittance to a four-year architecture school.

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Trung Tran, Faculty Advisor in Architecture

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Program Planning

Decide on a 4-year institution: Students planning to pursue a degree in architecture should decide early on which school they plan to attend, so they can research and meet program requirements.

There are 2 architecture schools in Washington state: the University of Washington (UW) and the Washington State University (WSU). Contact the school of architecture at that university immediately to obtain the most recent material on entrance requirements for this major.

  • University of Washington 206.543.3043
  • Washington State University 509.335.6613

After receiving information from your University of choice, make an appointment with the TCC architecture advisor to plan appropriate course work at TCC.

Recommendations for transfer to Washington State University: Students who plan to attend the architecture school at WSU must complete two years of sequences in architecture at WSU before entry into the major. This entails three additional years of study.These students should transfer as soon as math, English, and reading skills are at college level.

Recommendations for transfer to University of Washington: Students should plan to transfer to UW for fall quarter, preferably of the sophomore year, in order to take UW sequences required for admission to the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP). Students can complete the UW liberal arts component at TCC as follows:

  • MATH& 148 or 151 (5 credits)
  • ENGL& 101 (5 credits)
  • Humanities (20 credits) Courses in art history are recommended.
  • Social Sciences (20 credits)*
  • Natural Sciences (20 credits) Include MATH& 148/151*
  • Electives (5 credits) ART 105 recommended.

*Choose courses from UW Areas of Knowledge lists
Courses listed in bold type are required courses.

Many courses have prerequisites, are offered only once or twice a year, and are sequential. Careful selection of classes each quarter is necessary to complete the course work without delay.

UW Pre-Architecture Requirements

Several courses in architecture are required before applying to enter the architecture major. These courses are only offered at UW Seattle, but are available to community college students if space is available.
Call 206-543-2550 or contact UW Undergraduate Advising Center