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More about Honors at TCC


You will find Honors at both the course section and pathway levels at Tacoma Community College. Each course you take will have interdisciplinary elements, a global focus, and an inquiry-based approach.

Challenge yourself!

Courses are open to all interested and motivated students.

Make connections--Interdisciplinary

This means that our Honors course sections will connect the course material to fields outside of its discipline. Your English class might focus on Global Foodways and how these issues show up in business or social science. Your Political Science class might connect to psychology and economics.

Look beyond--Global Focus

Each Honors section will include a global focus; in Honors, we look to the world as well as how the world interconnects. Sometimes this will mean a comparison between cultures, sometimes it will focus on the relationships between them.

Find out--Inquiry-based

The inquiry-based approach lets you, the student, ask questions that you want to answer about your course topics. Your instructors are there to guide you and help you develop your approach to search for answers. Inquiry-based approaches will ready you for more independent work at your transfer programs and institutions.


Once in the Honors Distinction Pathway

The Honors Distinction Pathway (HDP) is made up of five classes--or more, if you want. These are special sections of degree requirement courses that you would already be taking. Taking a distinction pathway shouldn’t add to your 90 credits for graduation. The Honors Distinction Pathway requires a total of 20 credits and a capstone experience.

Students in the HDP start with a foundation in research and writing then move through their regular and Honors distribution and elective courses toward a Capstone. The Capstone can take many forms--it all depends on what you and your advisor think will meet your goals for after TCC.

The pathway courses are described in more detail here: Honors Courses.

Requirements to stay in the Honors Distinction Pathway

We want you to be successful, while we also want the HDP notation on your transcript to be meaningful. With this in mind, we have adopted “good standing” requirements like Phi Theta Kappa’s. This means that you must keep at least a B in your Honors classes and a 3.2 overall. As you are moving through our pathway, you will be guided by the Honors Coordinator and your regularly assigned academic advisor; we will be here to support you in your course planning, your transfer applications, and your success.

Transitioning from the Honors Distinction Pathway

The Honors Distinction Pathway team continues to build relationships with many of the universities you may be applying to. In addition to regular admission, we are laying the groundwork for agreements between Honors programs and keeping current on the transfer requirements. When you complete the HDP, your transcript will note each Honors course and will recognize your completion of the HDP as a special note on the transcript itself.

Levels of Honors participation

You can choose how you participate. Note the below levels of participation and requirements.


Want to learn more about the Honors program?

View details below, including more about Honors courses and how to apply to the program.


Honors Program

Whether you are looking for more depth in a subject that interests you or a greater connection among the subjects you take, you should consider the TCC Honors Distinction Pathway.

What courses do we offer?

Courses are open to all interested and motivated students. All TCC students may take up to two Honors courses before formal application to the Honors Distinction Pathway.

How do I start/apply?

When you are ready to apply, all you need to do is meet a few requirements and fill out the Honors Distinction Pathway application.

Contact us!

Bernie Comeau, Honor Program Coordinator