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Honors courses

About Honors Courses

Courses are open to all interested and motivated students. All TCC students may take up to two Honors courses before formal application to the Honors Distinction Pathway. This option provides students with the opportunity to explore Honors before formal commitment to the pathway. Courses are conducted at the Honors level, which means that there will be an emphasis on higher order thinking, interdisciplinary elements, inquiry-based strategies, greater academic independence, and a global/international component or emphasis. The courses expect a commitment from students and faculty to academic and intellectual integrity.

Honors courses and program requirements

Types of Honors Courses offered, along with the Capstone course requirement.

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View details below, including how to apply to the program.


Honors program

Whether you are looking for more depth in a subject that interests you or a greater connection among the subjects you take, you should consider the TCC Honors Distinction Pathway.

More about Honors at TCC

Each course you take will have interdisciplinary elements, a global focus, and an inquiry-based approach.

How do I start/apply?

When you are ready to apply, all you need to do is meet a few requirements and fill out the Honors Distinction Pathway application.

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Bernie Comeau, Honor Program Coordinator