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Zumba combines upbeat music with dance styles from around the world. Have fun while burning plenty of calories. All fitness levels welcome. No experience needed. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise routine.

Class Details (Option 1)

Topic: Zumba - 16 sessions
Class Number: 2139
Dates: June 25-Aug. 22, 2019  No Class Thursday, July 4
Day(s):  Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 5:20pm-6:20pm
Location: Tacoma Campus
Fee: $98

Class Details (Option 2)

Topic: Zumba - 8 sessions
Class Number: 2140
Dates: June 25-Aug. 13, 2019
Day(s):  Tuesday
Times: 5:20pm-6:20pm
Location: Tacoma Campus
Fee: $59

Class Details (Option 3)

Topic: Zumba - 8 sessions
Class Number: 2864
Dates: June 27-Aug. 22, 2019  No Class Thursday, July 4
Day(s):  Thursday
Times: 5:20pm-6:20pm
Location: Tacoma Campus
Fee: $59



Instructor: DeGolier

Wear comfortable clothes, athletic shoes and bring water.

Textbook/Other Materials