Psychology of Stories

Humanities & Science


For aspiring and experienced fiction writers, this class unpacks the psychological force of stories. Each session gives participants tools and techniques for connecting readers with the why of a story, drawing readers into characters emotional arcs, and immersing readers in vicarious, visceral experiences.

Class Details (Option 1)

Topic: Psychology of Stories
Class Number: 2142
Dates: July 9 & July 25, 2019
Day(s):  Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 10am-12pm
Location: Gig Harbor Campus
Fee: $139

Class Details (Option 2)

Topic: Psychology of Stories
Class Number: 2143
Dates: July 9 & July 25, 2019
Day(s):  Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 2pm-4pm
Location: Tacoma Campus
Fee: $139




6 sessions
Instructor: Fowler

Textbook/Other Materials