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New Website

Hello, New Website!

This summer, TCC is launching a sparkling new website.

Our new website will launch in two phases:

  • TCC staff and faculty will get a sneak preview of the website in mid-June for four weeks. This will be the time to collect feedback and to fix urgent issues, while giving staff and faculty time to review the new website and get a feel for it. The new website will be very different from the old site.
  • After the four week period, the website is expected to launch to the public in mid-July.

Let us tell you a little bit about our old website, and why we are saying bye-bye:

  • Built around 2010
  • Not mobile friendly—at all
  • Contains about 2,200 URLs
  • Much of the content is not current
  • Not as accessible for those with disabilities as it should be
  • Dated, cluttered designs and text
  • No real directory
  • Search didn’t quite … search
  • Gallons of text were not user-friendly

Our current website does no justice to the great work we do on our campus for students. We have amazing faculty, staff, buildings, campus grounds and programs – it’s time that our website reflects the excellent work that is happening at TCC.

A big hello to our new website:

  • Very accessible (our new website was made by the same firm that built www.helenkeller.org)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Less text and more images and graphics
  • A compact 600 URLs
  • New, updated content
  • A search that searches
  • New staff, department and faculty directory – with attractive photos
  • New features, such as Student Stories, News, and a Program Finder to search for areas of study

This has been a project 15 months in the making that was led by Marketing + Communications and Information Technology. TCC partnered with iFactory, a firm that specializes in higher education websites, who conducted research, built the strategy of our new website, designed and tested the templates with users and constructed the architecture. We then worked with OmniUpdate, another firm who works with thousands of colleges across the country that will serve as our content management system (CMS). This state-of-the-art CMS provides many tools to provide a mobile-first, user-friendly website experience. The possibilities are endless.

Will the new website be perfect? No way. With projects this big, we know there will be holes, broken links and other missing items. We will fix things. And solicit your feedback when we launch.

No matter, we are so proud of our new website. We think you will love it, too. It’s going to look great on any device and give prospective students the information they need to enroll at TCC.  

Check out the examples of what our new website will look like.

new website home page

new website stories

new website page

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