How to Attach a File to a DropBox and Check if it Attached Correctly or not

This tutorial will describe how to attach a file to a dropbox, then go back to the drop box and check if it was attached correctly or not.

Drop box assignment

Click on the drop box assignment. In this example, it is Assignment 1.

Title and attachments

(1) In the Title text box, type the title of your assignment.
(2) Click Attachments.


Click Browse


Navigate to the location you have saved your assignment. You have probably saved it in Documents, but you will need to navigate to wherever you have your assignment saved.

Choose assignment

Left click once on the assignment. In this example, it is Assignment 1.rtf


After clicking on the assignment, click the Open button.


Click the Upload File button.


Be patient and wait until this finishes.


Click the Finished button.


Click the Submit button.


We have successfully submitted our assignment. Click OK.


If you want to check later to see if the document attached, click on the dropbox again. In this example, we will go to Assignment 1.

Submission link

Click on your submission. In this example, it is Assignment 1 Submission - Christopher


The file was successfully attached. You can see the Assignment 1.rtf in the Submitted Files section.

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